Long Lens & Wildlife behaviour

  • Over a decade of experience shooting with Canon CN20, RED and ARRI setups.
  • Working from hides, vehicles and boats.

Night & Low light Shooting

  • Thermal and Infrared technology.
    Including Sellex systems (Superhawk)
  • Lowlight set-ups SonyA7sIII and FX6.
  • Lighting and shooting with IR systems.

  • Previous sequences include working with Forest Elephants in Central Africa, Lions in Kenya, Leatherback turtles in West Africa, Bats and snakes in Cuba and Mexico.

Rope Access

  • IRATA certified, I have shot from the canopy during day and night.
  • Previous work includes working in the Amazon, Congo and West African rainforests, shooting elephants, apes and various monkey and bird species.


  • I am an experienced pilot working with DJI Mavic and Inspire, cross-shooting wildlife behaviour and scenics.


  • With the right support setups, I operate a number of gimbals including Ronin 2, RS3 and Movi. 
  • I have also worked with Gyrostabilized systems and Shotover.

Camera Trapping

  • Experienced with Tshed and Cognysis systems.

Extreme environments & Challenging species

  • Always keen to take on a new challenge, I have earned a reputation for having the resilience and tenacity  it takes to film in extreme and challenging locations.
  • Some previous work includes shooting Bonobos for 7 months in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for National Geographic series ‘Queens’, or working with wild Drill Monkeys for 8 months (a specie never film before)  for the film Lost Kings of Bioko, and various BBC sequences.