I am a cinematographer specializing in natural history and high-end wildlife documentaries. My work has taken me to remote locations worldwide, frequently filming on productions for BBC, National Geographic, Disney, Netflix, among others.

I excel in long-lens photography, capturing animal behaviour and emotive sequences. I am also experienced working at night and with rope access. Filming with thermal and infrared technology, gyrostabilized systems, camera traps and drones.

Dedicated to crafting beautiful narratives that make people connect and empathize with wildlife. I have shot stories from the dense jungles of West Africa to remote landscapes of Latina America. Tracking wildlife across rainforests, spending months in hides, filming at height in the canopy, through the darkness of the savanna and scorching hot deserts.

I am based in Mexico, and currently working worldwide. Please get in touch directly about availability for any shoots, showreels and stock. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.