Primates is a BBC Studios production that follows groups of our closest relatives, taking viewers around the world for an intimate look at how monkeys, apes and lemurs have adapted to survive.  The Drill, one of the world’s largest monkeys, and yet one of the least known, appears in episode one ‘Secrets of Survival’.

The Drill Monkey story takes place on the coast of Bioko, a remote island off Africa’s west coast. Here Drill males must fight for their place in the hierarchy, and those who can’t compete are exiled. The sequence follows two such outcasts, who form an uneasy association to get by. As we get to know an old male who is past his prime living, we come to know the secret life of drill society.

Equipment: ARRI Amira; Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm; Mavic 2 Pro Drone; Sony A7sII; Tshed remote control cameras. + very long walks and countless hours in dark moisty hides.